Studying Health Sciences

Are you looking for a career in the Medical or Allied Health Fields?

Not sure how to get started, or what to study?

Havent decided on exactly what area you want to specialise in?

Careers in the health and medical sciences often require you to obtain a formal qualification. But what if you are unable to attend a university campus (you live in a rural area, you have small children, you dont have sufficient time or transport or you work during the day)? Perhaps you want to get started right away, instead of waiting for the commencement of a new semester. Fortunately, a career in this field does not have to start with a high level qualification. In fact, approaching your studies in a stepwise fashion can be extremely rewarding and can often give you a much more flexible, and broad knowledge of your discipline, without sacrificing your current job, family or social commitments.

How can ACS help you?

Option A.

At ACS we offer a wide and varied range of short 100hr health science courses. From medical terminology to biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, nutrition and cell biology, our courses will give you an indepth knowledge in your area of interest. Apply for administrative positions in the health services sector, medical reception or sales work in a health food store or pharmacy. Combine your studies with practical experience to move up the ladder! It is not always easy to find short courses in health sciences. At ACS not only do we offer such courses, but you will find them extremely thorough and in-depth.

Option B.
Combine your short courses into a tailored qualification at certificate, advanced certificate, diploma or advanced diploma level. We will work with you to select modules tailored to your interests, and to your desired career. Why do a generic course when you can design one that is more appropriate to your individual needs? Contact us for more information!

If you are interested in Natural Health, we offer a fantastic Foundation Diploma in Natural Health. Cover a broad range of topics, including nutrition, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology and counselling skills. Fantastic addition to your resume, or, the perfect stepping stone to a higher level position or higher qualification, particularly our advanced diplomas.

Option C.

Enrol in an Advanced Diploma from the start. We offer a selection of streams in Natural Health and Complementary Medicine in conjuction with Health Schools Australia. The final step to completing your studies, these qulaifications will entitle you to work as a nutritionist, wellness consultant, herbalist/traditional medicine consultant western, remedial therapist (remedial massage, aromatherapy, nutrition etc), naturopath or sports therapist. You will receive a qualification recognised by the leading natural health body in Australia, the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Some streams will give you further recognition, through the Queensland Association of Massage Therapists or the National Herbalist Association of Australia.

But what about a degree?

If you want to work in a scientific laboratory, in pathology, medical research or you want to pursue a career as a nurse or doctor you will need a degree level qualification. At ACS we can offer you a range of short courses that you are unlikely to find elsewhere, that are aimed at people wishing to study at university level. Some of our students have used their studies to gain entry to a tertiary course, or credits toward a course.* Other students take our subjects to give them a head start when they commence university studies.

We offer through our affiliate in the UK, Warnborough College, a Pre-Medical Diploma. Designed by leading Medical Practioners, completion of this intensive course by correspondance will grant you direct entry into a Medical Degree with several WHO accredited C Medical Schools. Reside in the sunny Carribean while you complete your studies, with internships served in either the UK or USA.

If you already have an undergraduate degree and are looking to study medicine in Australia, you will need to pass the medical entrance exam, GAMSAT. Our health science short course will give you an excellent grounding in the areas of health science you may not be familiar with, when you are preparing yourself for the exam. Our introductory writing course, and ESL course may also be of benefit to people with weaker English communications skills, as long and short writing tasks are also a component of these exams.

Other degree level and post-graduate qualifications can also be obtained through our affiliation with Warnborough College. Please dont hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.