Occupational Psychology - Health, Safety and Ergonomics

More on Occupational Psychology – Health and Safety, Ergonomics

The aims of the Occupational Psychologist are to

  • Improve the job satisfaction of an individual
  • Increase the effectiveness of an organization or group

To achieve these aims, an occupational psychologist may carry out work in –

*Occupational consultancy

*Assessment and Training

*Ergonomics, health and safety

Occupational Health and Safety – This looks at the study to prevent accidents and what causes them. The occupational therapist may work with other groups concerned with health and safety, safety committees etc. They may work in locations such as factories, oil platforms/refineries, offices etc.

Stress Management – This involves the occupational psychologist in looking at the sources of stress for an individual or/and within an organization. Organizations are becoming more and more aware of how stress can affect productivity. Occupational psychologists may therefore be involved in developing facilities such as sports facilities to reduce stress, leisure arrangements, counselling etc.

New Technology – When new technology is introduced, an occupational psychologist may be involved in introducing the work and developing tasks that are more satisfying to the individual, whilst also beneficial to the organization.

Ergonomics – This is the science that considers the interactions between humans and their working environment and equipment. The occupational psychologist will work closely with physiologists and engineers in this field. The occupational psychologist will be involved in analysing jobs, equipment, working conditions and so on, whilst taking human capabilities into account. For example, they may consider work and rest schedules, how to display information visually and so on, to ensure that the employee’s well-being and efficiency is considered.

Equal Opportunities – Occupational psychologists can help organizations to decide on their personnel policies in relation to the employment of women, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities etc. They may develop training programmes to raise the awareness of staff and managers.

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