The Outlook for Careers in Psychology

Psychology is definitely a growth industry. There is more and more awareness of the importance of psychology within many different fields.


There is an increased need for educational or school psychologists, as there is now growing awareness of the use of psychology in teaching, the impact of bullying on children.


Psychologists are working more and more within hospitals on mental health issues, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, forensic psychology and so on.

Psychologists are becoming involved in research in a wide range of fields, developing tools for working with different groups. They are also involved in the preparation of questionnaires, surveys and experiments to develop research and support for the groups as well.

More businesses are using psychologists for evaluation of the working environment on employee performance, training, personnel issues, interviewing staff, developing staff, carrying out psychometric tests.

ACS Distance Education offers a range of courses in psychology, such as Educational Psychology, Biopsychology, Adolescent Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and others, which can be found at ACS Distance Education

If you’re not sure about jumping straight into a diploma, why not consider taking an individual module, such as:

Abnormal Psychology 


Introduction to Psychology