Marketing is a serious stumbling block for many businesses.

Businesses will fail even when they have good products and good organisation, if they don't market their goods or services properly.

Being able to sell well is only part of good marketing. Some businesses employ very good sales people who can sell anything to anyone; but sales are not going to save a business if they are made to the wrong people; and result in a gound swell of unhappy customers. Good marketing needs to find and target the right customers, convince them to do business, ensure good service is provided before and after sales, and nurture the client base to encourage return business from old customers or people who old customers talk to.

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Starting a Business

Explore ideas for starting a business.

Many businesses are started on a whim; without planning, and under resourced. As a result, it is common for new businesses to either fail, or struggle to ever reach their real potential. Businesses usually start with an idea; but it is important to ensure you move forward with the best idea, that has the greatest chance of success.

Don't make the mistake of just considering one idea! Don't start a business because your idea is comfortable, familiar or likeable. It can be all of those things (sometimes); but more importantly, it needs to be viable, achievable with the resources (time, money, and other) which you have; and potentially very profitable.


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