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Biology is arguably in the midst of a revolution. Advancements in genetics have impacted human health, plant and animal sciences. Other scientific and technological advances have only added to those advancements. More is known about human health and wellbeing than ever before; and that has created possibilities for products and services only limited by imagination. Similarly, our abilities keep advancing, to grow plants, manage animals; farm more efficiently and manage the environment better. We cannot really predict the jobs of the future very well at all; but we can predict strong growth and opportunities for business development and employment in biology.  You cannot go far wrong if you develop a solid understanding of human, animal or plant science. These studies underpin future opportunities, and armed with this knowledge you will be better placed to take up opportunities as they reveal.


General Science

Most industries today depend on science; and a knowledge of science is definitely an advantage when seeking to establish or manage a business, get a job or advance a career.  Knowing how to undertake scientific research or apply science to a real life situation has wide application. Understanding basic physics, statistics and chemistry can find real life application in so many industries.  We don't know for sure where the jobs of the future might be, in this fast changing world; but one thing is certain -change is being driven by scientific advancement; and a better knowledge and awareness of science and technology will allow you to see and take advantage of opportunities before others.