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Journalism and Writing

Journalists and writers were once employed mainly by large publishing companies or broadcasters. This situation has been changing; but as old opportunities go, new ones have emerged. In today's world, there is far greater scope for success, for anyone with the skills and drive to succeed. It may be more difficult to get a book published by a print media publisher, or to get a permanent job working for a magazine, newspaper or broadcaster BUT, it is easier to get work published as a freelance writer, or to start up your own business publishing a blog, ezine or ebooks. If you learn to write with us, you are being tutored by people who understand the industry, and can guide you toward making a start as a professional writer.


Media and Publishing

Writing is a big part of working in media; but only part. The media today is evolving rapidly, driven by technological and social change; but it does offer more opportunities than ever for someone starting out. 
Media can involve electronic or printed publications, or broadcast media. Work in the media can involve creation of content (eg writing); but a lot of people are also employed doing other things such as editing, publishing, marketing and managing.  See our range of courses -short courses, certificates and diplomas.



Photography has seen dramatic changes with the move from film to digital technologies. There aren't as many camera shops today; but there are more jobs that involve photography than ever before. There aren't as many printed publications with photos, but the quantity of digital publishing has meant more photos are being published than ever. In essence, jobs in photography have been changing. but not diminishing.
Creating a good photographic image today requires knowledge of not only taking the photo, but also processing it. We have a range of short courses, certificates and diplomas that teach you about not only creating the image, but also working within the industry.