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Alternative Education

Different people learn different ways. It all depends upon their psychological make up. Some people learn fast, and others slow. Some learn better working alone, and others are better in a group. Some will learn better by doing things (information processors), but others are "wired" to be information collectors more than processors.


Education Industry

Education jobs are more diverse than ever. Graduates in education may find themselves teaching in a classroom; but are just as likely to be doing things outside of the classroom, in education supplies, administration, coaching, curriculum development or other support roles. Educators today can be found working in the media, writing text books, developing instructional videos or other roles. They work in marketing educational products, as education officers at zoos and other tourist destinations, and in all manner of other situations. Schools don't just employ university trained teachers either. Increasingly, people with diverse backgrounds and varying levels of training are employed as teaching aids and assistants.

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