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Computers have changed the world and in doing so, information technology has become a huge industry and an important asset for every industry in the modern world. The more you know about computers, the more useful you are likely to be in any job -whether working for yourself, or someone else. Even if it isn't a computer job; computer knowledge is still a big bonus.  For anyone who aspires to work in IT, the key is to learn skills that people want and will pay for; get relevant experience, and be able to offer the sort of service that employers or clients have difficulty finding.

There are lots of people with computer science degrees who know the science in depth; but don't have the "hard to get" skills. This is a fast moving industry; so whatever you study, it's important to see your studies as no more than a foundation. Our courses give you the foundation, help you connect into the industry, and prompt you to follow a business or career path that sets you apart from the competition. 


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Courses for tradesmen and engineering professionals