Land Based Industries

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Agriculture provides food, fuel, clothing and a whole lot more. This is one of the most important industries, and always will be.
Today's agriculture is very different to the past though. It is a high tech industry, depending upon science, mechanisation and modern management skills to be both productive and sustainable.  Business and employment opportunities are strong; and anyone with the knowledge and technical know how to do the job is going to have very bright prospects for a lifelong career in agriculture. Click to see dozens of courses, covering farm management, farming practices and agronomy through to livestock production. 



Click to see courses that develop knowledge and skills for starting a business, managing a farm or working in the supply of services to the horticultural crops industry.

Fruit and Nut Production (Tree plantations and Orchards)
Market Gardening -vegetables, cut flowers, berries
Viticulture -wine grapes, fresh and dried fruit
Mushroom Production


Environmental Management

Want to work with the environment and living things that inhabit the environment. Jobs in this area range from environmental manager to ecologist, and research scientist to university lecturer. The obvious pathway to such jobs is often a degree in environmental science, but in reality, most people who complete such degrees never end up working where they intended. In many places, there is an over supply of ini graduates, but an undersupply of people with the specific knowledge and skills needed to do the jobs on offer. Learning the science may be useful, but when it comes to working in the real world, environmental businesses need people who can do very practical things (eg. resurrect damaged landscapes, remove or avoid the use of contaminants, identify and document the presence of plant and animal species). Getting a job or starting a successful business in this industry, often requires something different to a standard university degree; and this thought is what has motivated the development of the courses we list here.


General Horticulture

Dozens of different courses  available, relevant to both production and amenity horticulture -click to see courses that will prepare you for work in:

Arboriculture (Tree Management)
Plant Nursery and Propagation
Garden Care and Management
Parks Management
Turf Industries
Horticultural Therapy, Organics and more



The herb industry is big. It employs people in nurseries, propagating and supplying plants; on farms, growing herbs for harvest, to supply products such as dried herbs and oils. These products are used commercially in both cottage industries to make all manner of crafts and in large scale commerce as well. Herbal produce forms the backbone of the perfume industry, it supplies components for toothpaste, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, food products, and much more.
Click to see a range of courses to enhance your career or business prospects working with herbs.


Home Gardening

A home garden can cost tens of thousands of dollars to establish and maintain. Plants can easily die or become diseased; and structures weathered or damaged.
When you know what you are doing though; you can get far more for your money; not to mention the satisfaction of having a garden that looks impressive and is easier to care for.
Our 100 hour home gardening courses are for the serious hobby gardener, or prudent home owner. Impress your friends and family and save money. Gardening can be a great pass time, and even better when you know what you are doing.



Hydroponics can be small or large; in a greenhouse or outside, using chemical pesticides or even organic. It is an intensive way to garden, so you can grow more, faster, and in a smaller space. You can have a small hydroponic garden on a balcony that requires only a few square metres. Conversely, some hydroponic farms are tens of acres in size.  Our principal has been teaching hydroponics since 1974, and is author of one of the worlds best selling books on the subject: Commercial Hydroponics. 
We offer a larger range of hydroponic courses than what you are likely to find anywhere; so if you are serious about working in hydroponics, this is a great place to start.



The landscape industry offers diverse opportunities; from designing gardens to constructing them; or supplying landscape materials to providing specialist services such as earth moving, playground construction or irrigation installation. Fundamental to any garden though, is the plants. If the plants don't grow and look healthy, the garden will never be what it could be.  We offer a wide range of courses, from training for people just starting out to certificates, diplomas and professional development courses.


Permaculture and Self Sufficiency

Permaculture is a huge industry globally, with people all around the world earning an income as permaculture designers, consultants, teachers or farmers. Self sufficiency and sustainability were once thought of as being something hippies do; but these ideas are now mainstream Large numbers of people are buying into alternative energy, alternative building and growing and processing their own food at home. These activities are all serviced by burgeoning industries that need businesses to support them. There are areas that offer a huge variety of employment possibilities, if you gain the knowledge, and have the imagination and entrepreneurial know how to succeed. 


Pet Industries

Considering starting a business or getting a job in the pet industries?
People keep all sorts of animals as pets. Dogs and cats are obvious; but horses, fish, birds, rodents and other animals are also very popular.
Veterinary practices are obvious employers; but this is only one of many types of employers. There's also pet shops, breeders, trainers, groomers, food suppliers, and manufacturers of everything from bird cages to dog leashes. This is an industry where anyone with a little knowledge, imagination and initiative, can start a business with very minimal investment.  People are passionate about their pets, and will often spend any amount of money on them.
Click to see our range of courses.


Plant Varieties

People work with plants in many different industries; from gardening to farming and environmental management to forestry. There are literally hundreds of thousands of different plants that are cultivated by man; and to work with any of these you need to know as much as possible about the plant.
Some people study a particular type of plant because they work with them, while for others, they are a lifelong passion. These courses are unique and more in depth studies of different plant types than what you will find anywhere. They give you an edge in business and careers; and can be used as a foundation for a business or professional development for a career in progress.  There are dozens of options from courses on tropical and indoor plants, to flowers, shrubs and trees.



Wild animals occur everywhere, from the arctic to the tropics, in oceans and deserts, in cities and in farmland. They can be tiny (eg. small insects) or large (eg. mammals, reptiles, birds). People devote their  lives to animals. Some are committed to their conservation, and others their eradication. Wildlife experts may find employment in a wide range of situations, including:  zoos and wildlife parks, conservation, wildlife control and management, animal welfare (rescue & veterinary jobs), pest control (eg. vermin),  academic research, teaching, broadcast and other media.