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Technology has improved productivity - as a result, employers need less people to do a job. This means two things. First there are less jobs that involve working for someone else. Second; if you want to work for yourself, you can do a lot more in a business than ever before without needing to employ many staff.  There has never been a better time to start a new business, or reinvent an old one; so long as you know how to do it. Education is the key. Click through to a whole range of courses that can enhance your earning capacity in the world of business.



There's more to the legal profession than just being a lawyer or police officer. Law enforcement today is a big industry; and a knowledge of legal terminology and practice is the first step toward employment opportunities as diverse as security guard, legal secretary and surveillance equipment supplier.
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Poor management leads to loss of productivity, diminished profit, and in extreme cases, enterpise failure. Proper training can play a big part in avoiding such problems.
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Sales and Marketing

Marketing involves getting noticed, engaging a customer or client, making a sale, and ensuring the customer remains happy after delivery of a product or service. This sounds simple; but so many people get it wrong!  Successful marketing depends in part on knowing how to provide the marketing service; but also on the mindset you have when promoting or delivering something.  Our courses develop both. Click to see a range of courses that will both help you understand marketing techniques,  and give you a more positive attitude toward the job of marketing anything.