Human Health & Wellbeing

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Fitness and Sport

It's easy to do a "quickie" fitness leader certificate and become a "qualified fitness leader"; but these courses are limited and may not get you much further than earning minimum wages as a casual employee in a local gym.  People are spending more money and time than ever before on fitness and sport, but the best paid people in this industry are most often the business owners or a small select group of more highly qualified and experienced professionals.
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Health Science

The health industry is huge. It can easily employ over 10% of the workforce in developed countries; but less than 1% will be medical practitioners.  As with most industries, health is changing fast. Jobs in the future haven't even been conceived as yet. Whatever course you choose; it is next to impossible to predict your ultimate job -the industry is simply too changeable!  Studying health sciences will set you up for all sorts of future employment opportunities though!
Anyone who works in health will enhance their future by knowing more -whether biochemistry, human biology, human nutrition, psychology, or medical therapies.
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Human Nutrition

The food industry is immense; and anyone who understands nutrition is enhancing their opportunities to work in any corner of the food industry. Nutrition experts are employed by developers and processors of food products and supplements; by retailers who sell food, and by individuals who seek advice on what to eat. High level qualifications from uni may be required to work in high level jobs (eg. a Hospital Dietician); but very few nutrition students will ever find their way int such highly competitive jobs, even if they gain the highest qualifications.
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Human Psychology and Counselling

Anyone who works with people can benefit from an understanding of human psychology. You may study psychology or counselling to work as a counsellor or life coach; or you may study these courses to be a better teacher, manager, supervisor, youth leader, health practitioner, or something else.
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