Business & Management

Innovation and Change are driving today's world. If you know how to find and exploit opportunities in a sensible and contrived way; you will never be short of career opportunities. Learning to manage time, money, people and other resources will make you more productive in your own work; and more capable of improving efficiencies wherever you find yourself working.  Click through to courses: Managerial, Legal, Business and Marketing. 



The education industry is diverse: far more than just teaching. Opportunities exist to forge cutting edge careers and businesses in the education sector -if you know how. Learn to create courses, deliver different types of learning and manage the operations of an educational enterprise: small or large, public or private.  Click trough for course information. 


Engineering, Technology and Construction

Professional Development, Transition and Starter Courses for:

  • Information Technology
  • Building and Construction
  • Engineering and Machinery


Human Health & Wellbeing

Being healthier and fitter, both mentally and physically, enables you to live and work better. Whatever your job might be, and solid and deep understanding health and wellbeing provides a foundation to work in health services industries. 

Click through for a variety courses available now on Psychology and Counselling, Fitness and Sport, Adult and Child Nutrition, and Health Sciences.


Land Based Industries

Land based industries are concerned with managing and developing the land. They  include agriculture and horticulture, construction and property management, environmental and resources management.
We offer hundreds of different courses that can help with business, employment and career opportunities across all of these industries.
Click to find courses in Agriculture and Livestock, Crops, Horticulture, Herbs, Home Gardening, Hydroponics, Landscaping, Plant Varieties, Permaculture, Self Sufficiency, Pet Industries, Wildlife and Environmental Management.


Leisure & Tourism

People live differently today. They travel more and they spend more time and money on leisure pursuits. The travel and leisure industries are huge globally, and only getting bigger. 
Click through for courses in Tourism, Ecotourism, Hospitality, Accommodation, Food Service, Leisure Studies and Event Management.



Media jobs have changed and continue to change at an alarming rate; driven by new technologies and globalisation. Large broadcast and print media businesses used to service local and regional organisations. Today, lots more smaller businesses and freelancers operate, creating and delivering media in all sorts of formats, targeting interest groups across the entire world.
Click through for courses in Information Technology, Writing, Publishing, Photography and Journalism.



Today's world is driven by science and technology. If you want to do your best in any job, you cannot neglect technology. If you want to find opportunities for innovation, business development and career advancement; a sound knowledge of science and technology is often a necessity.
Click through for courses covering science and technology - Biochemistry, Physics, Statistics, Engineering, Botany, Zoology, Human Biology, Research and more.