Leisure & Tourism

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People travel and holiday more than ever. Nature based tourism are varied. They might involve short half day tours into a national park, or a snorkelling tour on a reef. They can also involve staying for days or weeks in a wilderness lodge, camping on a deserted island or a safari river cruise on the Amazon. We offer courses that help you improve either your job or business prospects in ecotourism. Learn to manage a business, develop your wilderness skills or learn to be a tour guide.


Leisure Management and Recreation

The leisure industry offers lots of opportunities for employment or business. Large theme parks and leisure centres employ managers, but also lots of other staff, right down to cleaners and gardeners. Government authorities and welfare organisations provide leisure based services; and a wide range of manufacturing and service businesses provide everything from fitness equipment to craft classes, within the leisure industry. The diversity of this industry is immense and the opportunities are always expanding, if you can develop an understanding of what the industry needs, then develop the capacity to service those needs. These courses help you achieve precisely that.


Tourism and Hospitality

People travel for all sorts of reasons (eg. holidays, business, to see friends and relatives); and when they do, they use transport and accommodation services; and more often than not, food services. Event managers will often organise the things that people travel to; but they may also organise events that are nearer to home. Restaurants and catering services may well be geared to feeding people away from home; but they can also be just as well geared to local customers. All of these things and more, are part of the tourism and hospitality industry; and our range of short courses, certificates and diplomas provide the training and stimulation to develop a career or business in any of these areas.