Choosing a Course

Getting an Employment Advantage

Some course lead to employment success better than others.

Think carefully about choosing a course based on the job you want if everyone else wants exactly the same thing.

There is little point doing a course with 1,000 others where there are only 10 jobs likely to be available at the end; but dong a course with 50 others that prepares you for something that has 100 vacancies, will obviousaly be more valuable.


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Recognition of Courses

Get a more realistic understanding of recognition and accreditation of courses.

Most people think accredited courses are more likely to result in secure employment; but for most jobs, the research shows that this is not true.

Accreditation can prevent a course from being sub standard; but it doesn't make it above standard. Accreditation processes can add enormous cost and bureacracy to education; and those things can in fact run esucators short of funds and discourage them from making the course above standard.

There are both the advantages and disadvantages of accreditation systems!

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