Animal Husbandry



Goats are farmed for meat, milk or more


Private veterinarians may operate a general practice (dealing with most types of animals, and most types of problems), or a specialist service (dealing with only certain types of animals, or services such as artificial insemination or embryo transfer) more


Are you looking for a lifestyle change as well as a career change?  Working as a farm hand can be physically demanding but very rewarding.  If you enjoy working outdoors or with animals, but have minimal experience, then this could be the job for more

Animal Health

Animal welfare has become increasingly prominent in recent times, and is increasingly seen as an important social issue in developed more

Herd Manager

Cattle are one of the most widely farmed animals in the world. Cattle farmers may obtain primary income from either selling animals for meat, or selling milk. Other income can come from stud fees or selling calves or other animals. Value adding through on farm production of dairy or meat products can provide a further income opportunity. more


Alpacas are a native and domesticated animal from South America. They are hardy and adaptable to a wide range of conditions, being found in the tropics of North Queensland, south to Tasmania and across the continent to Western Australia. more

Artificial Breeding

Artificial breeding in conjunction with techniques such as improved feed, and disease and pest control, have contributed to the improved quality of livestock in the last 100 years.  This discipline is continually improving with more intensive research being undertaken to see further improvement in stock production. It can be a very lucrative business for those farmers who own sought after breeds or lineage. In the dairy cattle industry, farmers can see significant increased milk production through artificial breeding, better quality and quantity of meat in the beef and pork industry and higher yield fleece in the sheep industry. more

Fish Farmer

Fish farms can be small scale employing only one person; or larger scale employing dozens. Most people who have previously made a successful career from fish farming, are self employed, owner operators. Some fish farmers have become millionaires. Others struggle at times, like many other farmers. Aquaculture can be farmed in salt water (mariculture) or in fresh water. Other animals and plants are also farmed in water (eg. crayfish, oysters, prawns, seaweed for sushi). more

Equine Husbandry

Businesses owned by equestrians have some very different needs to mainstream businesses, and because of these differences, the traditional business template does not always apply. Equine businesses differ in the following major aspects: Most horse-related businesses are performance-based. In order for the business to be successful the owner/owners must do well in the related performance industry. They must either be active and successful competitors, produce successful horses, and/or have clients who succeed on (or with) their horses Most professional horseman and horsewomen leverage their expertise in order to create and maintain their business. They seldom plan on on-selling their business once it reaches a certain level of financial success. The motivation for more