Working With Animals

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Are you looking for a lifestyle change as well as a career change?  Working as a farm hand can be physically demanding but very rewarding.  If you enjoy working outdoors or with animals, but have minimal experience, then this could be the job for more

Farm Manager

Many farm managers are self employed, and others are employed by the farm owner to manage their farm.  Many companies which sell agricultural products such as fruit and vegetables and animal products purchase farms to increase their profits, thus requiring the employment of a farm more


by John Mason Principal ACS Distance Education and Author of "Sustainable Agriculture" click here to order a more

Farm Tours

For many farms, farm tourism has become a way of supplementing their income during difficult times. Even when suffering drought or heavy competition in the market place; a farm can still generate income through taking visitors into farm accommodation; selling produce through a farm shop or hosting farm tours.  Overseas visitors especially are interested in experiencing rural living such as seeing a farmer in action, helping with feeding animals and at the end of the day watching the kangaroos come in to feed at more

Demand in Agriculture - A Skills Shortage

Opportunity or Crisis? more

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainability is a useful concept for farmers, but more importantly it is a necessity for the future our planet. The world relies on the activities of farmers to supply it with food. Whilst satisfying these needs, the processes of agriculture can adversely impact on the land, soil, water-ways and ecosystems and place an enormous strain on the world’s natural resources. more