How We Learn and Its Importance to Teaching

What Is the most important aspect of being an effective educator? One of the most fundamental things we need to understand when working as educators is knowing how people learn. This may seem obvious but without this knowledge we cannot truly offer ourselves as informed and effective educators. How We Learn...read more


Education is the process of giving and acquiring knowledge. This may be in a more traditional teaching role, or it may be that you have a desire to pass on the skills that you have developed on to others. There are many different ways to work in education, and in today’s world education is changing. In the past there were generally strict pathways for education – school, university, and apprentice type training. These days, through the schooling system there are several ways to receive education – for example attend school; do home schooling; do correspondence school via internet, hard copy or the radio; attend school part-time whilst completing a traineeship. Once you leave school the options are endless. You can learn skills on the job, go to trade s...read more