Environmental Education


What is Ecology And The Role of An Ecologist?

To work in ecology roles, you must be passionate about the environment and its surroundings, and be devoutly dedicated to the monitoring and conservation of wildlife and its natural components. What Is Ecology? The following will give you a broad understanding: (See the bottom of the page for an outline of what you need to be an ecologist). RAINFORESTS...read more

Interpretation Officer

Job Opportunities As An Interpretation Officer - Many government and non-government organisations employ staff as Interpretation Officers. This is a great job for anyone who enjoys talking to people and educating both children and adults about the natural world. Interpretation Officers are chiefly employed to educate customers or visitors about the features of a particular place....read more


Environmental education is always needed in various forms.  Many Ecotourism companies and environmental departments within government are employing people to teach children and adults about the environment.  To work as an Environmental Educator or Naturalist a person does not necessarily need to have a degree in education, sometimes background knowledge in the field and relative experience is enough to gain employment....read more