Marine Ecotour Leader

Working in marine environments is not just for the scientists. If you have a passion for marine and adventure, a career as an ecotourism leader in coral reefs might be exactly what you're looking more

Marine Biologist

Many people are drawn to the wonders of the ocean, and luckily there is lots of opportunity for being involved with marine activities.  Marine Biologists, in the purest form, usually study organisms which live in the marine environments and their interactions with each other and the surrounding environment.  Work can be specific, such as dealing with specific fish species, the effect of the Crown of Thorns Star Fish on the Great Barrier Reef, or less specific such as examining the effect of human activities on marine environments (eg. sediment run-off, pollution, resource removal).  In saying that, there are many other areas that an understanding of marine biology can lead to. Whilst marine biologist in the strictest sense will generally have more