Zoos & Fauna Sanctuaries


Zoo Curator

Zoo Curators have the important job of being in chart of the various collections of exotic animals in zoos. Large zoos can have curators specialising in different animal classes such as birds, reptiles, mammals and fish. ...read more


Do you love animals? Working with animals can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable careers you can undertake. Being a zoo keeper gives you intimate access to a range of unique animals from around the world. To work in zoos, you need to have a passion for the care of animals and confidence working with and sometimes handling them....read more

Horticulturist - Working in Zoos and Sanctuaries

This position is not often associated with zoos or fauna sanctuaries. However, horticulturists and landscape gardeners play an important role in many zoos and fauna sanctuaries. As the layout and design of sanctuaries change, zoos are trying to create a more naturalistic experience for visitors. This means the presence of gardens and other plantings around the zoo environment. Full time horticulturists are required to maintain these gardens....read more

Animal Enclosure Designer

This is an exciting and growing field for anyone interested in creating a stimulating and enriching environment for captive animals. Creating a realistic and stimulating environment requires an understanding of the needs of particular wild species. It can look natural, but that doesn't mean that it's a stimulating environment. The key to successful design is creating a natural looking enclosure which also meets the requirements of the animal if it were in the wild. You will need to consider what the animal needs as well as making the enclosure visually appealing to visitors....read more