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Medical Sales Representative

Medical sales representatives will need to stay up to date with new developments so they can provide accurate and competitive information to their clients. ...read more

Medical Receptionist

Medical or Health Care Receptionist A medical or health care receptionist is on the front desk of a medical or health centre. They are the first person a client will see when they arrive at the clinic, or speak to if they call the clinic. A medical or health care receptionist may work by themselves or in a team, and do some, or all of the following:...read more

Health Science Studies

Are you looking for a career in the Medical or Allied Health Fields? Not sure how to get started, or what to study? Haven't decided on exactly what area you want to specialise in?...read more


What is Naturopathy? Naturopathy is a field of health care that works with, and not against standard alleopathic health care providers, such as medical doctors. The philosophy of Naturopathy is to work with the body, to assist it in its natural ability to heal and maintain health. Treatments are natural and non-invasive and include herbal remedies, lifestyle changes, dietary modifications and in some cases other complementary techniques including massage, acupuncture or aromatherapy. If you have an interest in working with people, assisting and enabling them to improve, maintain or regain their health and well being, and doing so in a personal, gentle manner, Naturopathy could well be the career for you!...read more

Working in Nutrition

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