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Work in agroforestry is diverse  and includes: Farmers looking to improve the ecology on their properties whilst at the same time producing income from trees. Research officers  - working both nationally and internationally to research the best methods to improve economic and environmental aspects of agroforestry. Agroforestry professionals working in under-developed countries to improve  economic and environmental situations. WHAT IS AGROFORESTRY? This is the activity of integrated agricultural and forestry production. Trees become multi- functional, acting as a resource to be harvested in the future, and as an asset for the existing farm. more

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Arborists or Arboriculturists are people who look after trees. Some are self employed, others may work within contracting business or for a public authority. Some arborists focus on providing a specific service while others provide a broad range of more

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Arborist Trees are an integral part of the plants that grow on earth. Whether growing naturally, or planted by man, trees benefit from regular maintenance. The Arborist (or Tree Surgeon) is responsible for maintenance pruning of branches or larger limbs, carrying out major “surgery” and ultimately safely felling trees when more