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ACS Student leading industry In 2005, with a business plan and a passion to grow things, Lana Mitchell enrolled in several courses with the ACS. She did the hydroponics course, and then a course on growing cut-flowers, and with these, she started a venture growing the Australian native flannel flower using hydroponics. Within a year she won a scholarship that enabled her to continue her studies, including a course on propagation by cuttings and a course on horticultural marketing. Within 2 years, she was exporting flowers to Japan, USA, Europe and the UK, and quickly gaining a reputation as having some of, if not the best quality Flannel flower in the country. In the last 3 years, Lana has won the Young Achievers Award from the Flowers Association of more

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A cut flower grower needs all of the skills and knowledge that any general horticulturist has - but also an ability to grow a healthy, unblemished flower that is durable after harvest. They need to know how to harvest it correctly and how to package and treat the harvested product. The work of a cut flower grower can vary according to the type of plants they are growing, how they are grown and harvested, and the way they are growing them. more