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A botanic garden is a place where plants are grown, studies and exhibited. Most botanic gardens are owned and run by governments, though some are owned and run by private people or organisations (eg. Botanic gardens such as the one attached to Huntington Library in the USA are run by philanthropic organisations; some are run by National Trusts and others are commercial ventures established in part, if not fully, as a tourist attraction) more

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Head Gardeners or Foreman Gardeners may be in charge of every aspect of the maintenance and development of a large garden or a section of a garden, for more

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Parks Manager Parks provide open green space for the enjoyment of millions of people around the world. The term “park” is used to describe spaces as diverse as quite small areas of grass in city centres to the vast open spaces of National Parks. Parks of any sort are neither created nor maintained by accident. In the context of the job of Parks Manager, park management generally refers to open air leisure within an urban setting. There are dedicated teams of staff who manage these parks – usually heading these teams is the Parks more