Event Management


Event Manager

Event management is basically the management of an occasion that happens at a given time. Management of an event can be a complex and involved task, depending, of course, on the type and size of the event. Although extremely large events such as the Olympic Games require many years of preparation to succeed, the planning and preparation phase of any event will always require at least 60 – 80% of the total time involved in staging the event. The same principals will apply no matter how small or large the event being planned. ...read more

Wedding Planner

The main job for a wedding planner is to remove the stress from the couple getting married, to ensure that the day runs smoothly, keeps to the brief provided by the clients and is a truly memorable event. This sounds simple but it actually involves quite a few variables plus varied skills and talents. Wedding planning does not fall into the 9am to 5pm category – you will need to be flexible and meet clients in the evening and on weekends, from the time they book you until after the final clean-up after the wedding.  A wedding planner’s job:...read more

Conference Organiser

It is important to understand the difference between conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops, trade shows, expos and symposiums. When you are asked to manage an event such as this, you will need to market it correctly in order to attract the right type of attendee. For example, there is no point marketing an event as a ‘symposium’ (usually aimed at academics) when you really want to attract industry-specific attendees to inform them of the latest industry development. That is a  ‘conference’.   Conferences are usually of two types:...read more

Exhibition Organiser

Organising exhibitions can be a large undertaking for an event manager. Some managers work all year long to organise a single event. Exhibitions can be small or they can be massive, large-scale events. For example, you might be asked to organise a small art exhibition of local artists in a small town. Alternatively you might be asked to organise something like an exhibition at a major museum, for a major cultural festival, or something equally momentous. The organisation and planning required for events of this size will most probably require a team of organisers and many staff. You need to be aware of how to run and manage large-scale events just as well as how to run and manage smaller events.  ...read more