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Training for Management

What Training do I need to Succeed? Managers are needed in every workplace. In a small workplace, a manager may need to manage everything from manpower and equipment to finance, marketing and production.  In large workplaces, a hierarchy of managers will usually be developed where upper level managers manage lower level managers. Here a workplace may be broken up into sections or departments with different managers each having different areas of responsibility.  For example: A marketing manager may work under the direction of a general manager, and he may control a series of lower level managers such as a Sales Manager and an Advertising/PR manager. Managers are employed in small and big business, in non profit and charity organisations, and in more

Understanding Management Structures: Chain of Command


Organisational Psychology/Work Psychology

Industrial and organisational psychology is also known as work psychology. It is the scientific study of organisations, the work place and the staff that make up the organisational.  Organisational psychologists can contribute to the success of an organisation by helping to improve the well being of staff, look at health and safety, improve performance and satisfaction. Industrial psychologists will cover a wide range of tasks including – more

Supply and Demand: What Is It?

SUPPLY AND DEMAND An understanding of the balance between supply and demand is of fundamental importance. In a free enterprise exchange economy, as with agricultural and horticultural produce, prices are usually determined by the interaction between supply and demand. Other product prices are also determined this way but they don't normally fluctuate to the same degree. more

Operations Management

If you are already employed or running your own business, you may be thinking about business processes and how businesses operate to their maximum capacity ensuring business growth. You may be thinking about managing business operations. Operations management is often at the core of any growing and strengthening business. Put simply, operations management is vital. more

Staff Management

Most wise employers will provide an induction program for their new employees. This is different to job training. Induction can be defined as: “the guided adjustment of a new employee to the organisation and its work environment”. The aim is to assist new employees to integrate into the workplace so that they can reach an acceptable level of productivity. The induction process might include provision of training videos, tours of the workplace and external training; a precursor to on-the-job instruction. more

Risk Analysis

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Strategic Planning For Business



Globalisation is the increasing generalised expansion and integration of world-wide economic activity through international trade of goods, services, technology, capital (international investment), labour, migration, information and ideas. more