Managing People


Profiling For Job/Employee Selection and Marketing

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H.R. Manager/Personnel Manager

Human resources personnel are responsible for providing support, and effectively using personnel within an organisation. They are involved in recruiting appropriate staff for employment, ensuring the person is the right fit for the job, and making sure there is a balance of skills and experience throughout the staff. Different sized companies may have different roles, but some of the activities that HR officers will typically be involved in include: • recruitment • pay rate • employment conditions and job descriptions • Performance monitoring • writing and implementing personnel policies • basic counselling • working practices • staff training and development • working practices • equality and more

Motivating Staff

We all have certain needs which need to be satisfied being treated with respect, doing interesting work, good working conditions and fair pay. These are all motivational factors. Virtually everything we do is to satisfy some need or motive! If you don't do something it means you can see no personal advantage and there is nothing in it for more