Broadcast Media


Radio Presenter

A radio announcer is basically someone who makes announcements on the radio.  Announcers may work in radio or television.  They may provide narration, news coverage, voice overs on television commercials, and so forth.  They are also known as disc jockeys, or on music television – vee jays (VJs or video jockeys).   Because of the variety of tasks involved in being a radio announcer, you must be well organised, able to think on your feet and have a good speaking voice. This doesn't mean you speak with a perfect accent any more. More and more, regional accents are becoming fashionable in the radio and media industry. For example, at one time, most radio announcers in the UK had “cut glass” English accents. Today, regional accents more

Television Presenter

TV presenters work in television, introducing and hosting TV programmes, reporting on events and issues or interviewing people.   To be a TV presenter, you need to have: more