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Many people are interested in the field of nutrition.  It is in fact quite a varied field and can encompass both alleopathic and alternative health, as well as counselling and life coaching, fitness, personal training and gym instruction and research.  Careers might be sought in gyms, doctors clinics, complementary medicine clinics, sporting clubs and institutions, health food shops, food and beverage/hospitality or as a nutritional counsellor or consultant. You might like to work as a facilitator, counselling and motivating people to improve their diet, or as a source of information and guidance, giving people the knowledge and tools and then monitoring their progress.  You may prefer to work in the provision of healthy food alternatives or more

Nutrition - Improving Knowledge with Short Courses

Many people have a desire to work with people, particularly to assist people who are unwell or suffering. However, such positions have great responsibility and require a person to have an extensive and broad knowledge of general physiology and anatomy and organ systems, as well as more specialist knowledge for their particular job. While many people enrol in university degrees, or advanced diplomas, with the goal of working to help people, they are often unaware of the depth of knowledge they will be required to obtain. There are also a variety of restrictions with formal study, in terms of time, location and pre-requisites. more

Nutritional Counsellor/ Nutritionist

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