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Handyman: Running a Handyman Business

A handyman is someone who is called upon to perform repairs and maintenance on properties and grounds. They are tradesmen who are skilled in a variety of tasks, but may not be qualified in a particular trade. Alternatively they may be licensed in one trade which they specialise in, but be capable in a variety of different trades. The jobs completed by the handyman are generally more minor jobs that do not require a qualified tradesman to complete. A handy man may mow the lawns, maintain gardens and properties, fix a squeaky gate, fix a dripping tap or leaky pipe, minor carpentry, painting, or any other odd jobs that need to be done.  A handy man may be called upon by a property manager, landlord, home owner, business owner, or renters in an apartment complex. more

Event Management: Running An Events Business

Event management is basically the management of an occasion that happens at a given time. Management of an event can be a complex and involved task, depending, of course, on the type and size of the event. Although extremely large events such as the Olympic Games require many years of preparation to succeed, the planning and preparation phase of any event will always require at least 60 – 80% of the total time involved in staging the event. The same principals will apply no matter how small or large the event being planned. more

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