Ecotourism Operations



Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing tourism industries worldwide. Ecotourism holiday makers want an experience which involves nature in some way, be it hiking, snorkeling, canoeing, rafting, 4WDing, camping and wilderness adventures or simply staying in eco resorts. There is a focus on conservation in Ecotourism, with holiday makers wanting to holiday responsibly, minimising their impact on the local environment and community. The locations in which Ecotourism takes place can vary greatly from deserts, rainforests, mountains, rivers, beaches and oceans to rural landscapes. As Ecotourism experiences are so varied it allows for a great diversity of careers within the industry. To establish an ecotourism business, or to work in ecotourism requires an more


What do you need to work in adventure tourism? Steel nerves, good communication and organisation skills and keeping a cool head in a crisis are just a few of the attributes required. Adventure tourism can be full of thrills and spills and rugged adventure - however it doesn’t always involve action or exercise, it can also be a relatively passive pursuit for example going on a journey for spiritual development or to assist in community development projects are also adventurous activities. more