Business storytelling creates an interesting and engaging story to attract and retain your customers.

Learn business storytelling so you can deliver more powerful marketing messages – in writing, through images and through speech. Learn how to build a brand, create a mission and vision.

This course is about:

  • Marketing 
  • Branding 
  • Business vision 

Communicating with a story can be a powerful tool if you do it properly and well – and this course shows you how. It can allow you to manage staff better by communicating more effectively. Craft stories for marketing and management in a business. 



Develop your marketing skills! Create an engaging story to attract and retain your customers.


There are 8 lessons in this course:

1. Scope and Nature of Storytelling
Introduction to Storytelling
Storytelling at Work
Difference Between Storytelling and Story Writing
Applications of Storytelling at Work
Using Storytelling in Commercial Situations

2. Character Development
Introduction to Characters
The Characters in Our Business Story
Brand Ambassadors and Influencers
Our Customers in the Story
Developing Your Characters

3. Plot Development
Introduction to Understanding Plots
The Audience
The Seven Basic Plots
Seven-Point Plot Structure
I and We

4. Themes
Introduction to Themes
Universal Themes
Identifying a Theme
Themes and Brand Messaging
Common Story Themes
Developing a Theme

5. Styles
Introduction to Styles
Selecting a Narrator
Selecting a Tense
Presentation - Oral, Written or Visual
Your Storytelling Style

6. Literary Devices
Introductions to Devices Used to Transmit a Story
Similes and Metaphors
Rhetorical Questions
Chekhov’s Gun
Other Literary Devices

7. Building Dramatic Tension
Introduction to Tension
Character and Internal Tension
Trust and Rapport

8. Delivery and Engaging with Your Audience and Final Project
In-Person Delivery
Telling Our Verbal Story
Tips on Storytelling


This course designed specifically for:

  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People wanting to set up their own business
  • Freelancers
  • People in marketing, advertising and promotions
  • Writers
  • Business coaches
  • Communications and public relations experts

Suggested Course Purpose:

Professional development
New business/business development
Skills development 

Other ACS courses this course can build on include:
Business courses, advertising and promotions, marketing courses, business coaching, freelance writing, managing innovation, managing change. 

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