Develop Marketing Skills for the Leisure Industry

During this course you will learn to develop strategies to market recreation facilities or services. The course shows you how to do things such as: Develop marketing and promotions to maintain or increase business; Manage the delivery of a service to ensure customer satisfaction; Monitor a membership database to ensure return business and Manage complaints. 


Learn about:

  • Public relations, Promotions and Advertising
  • Getting the word to potential customer, clients and the general public
  • Why and how people go about making decisions such joining a gym, enrolling in a recreation program, taking up a new hobby or supporting a sporting club
  • How to keep clients happy and maximise the chance of return sales

Marketing Leisure Services

  • Promote, Sell and Supply Leisure services or supplies to the Leisure Industry
  • Work in the Leisure, Fitness or Tourist Industries, in Sales or Marketing.

The viability of any commercial recreation business (whether supplying a product or a service), depends heavily upon marketing. If you don't sell, you don't survive!

The viability of non commercial leisure industry marketing enterprises (eg. government funded facilities, NGO's), are also increasingly reliant upon marketing. Continued funding more often than not depends upon a facility or service being used (hence being seen to serve a perceived purpose).



The course is divided into ten lessons as follows:

1. Introduction to Marketing

2. Marketing Strategy

3. Media Promotions

4. Promotional Materials

5. Complaints

6. Managing Membership Levels

7. Sponsorship & Fundraising

8. Managing Events

9. Managing Promotional Activities

10. Market sensitive recreation services.


Duration: 100 hours



  • To provide a basis for developing specific marketing related skills which will be developed throughout this course.
  • Develop marketing strategies.
  • Develop skills in dealing with the media to promote an organisation or service.
  • Coordinate the production of different promotional materials.
  • Coordinate the distribution of promotional materials.
  • Deal with client complaints in a recreation enterprise.
  • Monitor membership base to ensure retention of membership.
  • Initiate and manage relationships with sponsors.
  • Explain alternative methods of raising funds for a recreation event or service.
  • Manage special events.
  • Coordinate activities designed to increase public awareness of an organisation.
  • Deliver approval for different promotional activities.
  • Manage delivery of a service by a recreation, sport or fitness organisation.

Scope of this Course

Leisure Marketing may deal with either goods (tangible goods such as sports equipment, clothing, buildings, books), or services (intangible goods such as club memberships, coaching services, massage or consultation.

This course is relevant to both people wanting to sell supplies and services to enterprises within the Leisure industry; as well as the enterprises that provide services and products direct to consumers.


Marketing Tips

• Be enthusiastic
•Learn to ask questions and Learn to listen
• Make the customer number one
• Seek and solve employees problems
• Get your employees involved
• Keep learning
• Monitor your competitors
• Monitor your own business
• Monitor yourself
• Live within your own means
• Don't waste time
• Support community activities.



• Reduce prices
• Use loss leaders to attract customers. (i.e: sell one item at a loss)
• Discounts for large orders
• Group discounts
• Coupons
• Dutch auction sale (The longer it runs the more discounts are offered)
• Moonlight madness sale.(Discounts for customers attending in bed clothes)
• Sidewalk sales
• Clearance sales
• Unadvertised specials
• Advertise
• Work with your competition
• Newsletters
• Promote the holidays (Christmas, Easter etc)
• Outside speaking
• Trade display space (Shopping centres, banks etc)
• Weddings send congratulatory notes & offers to newly weds
• Exhibiting in shows
• Bring a friend promotions
• Television
• Radio
• Inventory control (You can't sell what isn't in stock)
• Increase opening hours
• Keep back up (not displayed) stock
• Classes Free lectures etc
• In store demonstrations.
• Videos
• Contests
• Store placement (Put your best sellers in the most prominent places)
• Sponsor a fashion show
• Sponsor an open house
• Employee training.
• Add on sales (Ask the customer if they need anything to go with the thing they just purchased)
• Serve refreshments 
• Child minding or play area
• Sell gift certificates
• Encourage customers to sell
• Notice board, taking consignment goods, give commission/discounts etc.


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