Want to sell More and Better?

To do so requires not just an understanding of the sales process, but also the ability to plan, implement a plan, and effectively manage all the resources which you commit to that plan.

This course will take you from developing a strong personality (confidence and knowledge) through to communication, marketing, dealing with upper management, getting to know your product, the A B C of selling, the opening etc.

Learn to be a Sales Manager

For any company or organisation to have success financially it must have a desirable product. This product must be of need to a large proportion of the general public. Advertising, using all available media outlets, should get the message across. But the most important link after the manufacturing and advertising (marketing) is the salesperson/sales representative - The person who actually sells the product to the consumer. Without him, the financial/corporate world would come to a halt!



The content of the nine lessons is as outlined below:

1. Developing Sales Concepts
Goods & Services, Ways of Managing Sales, Developing a Sales Concept, Planning Ahead, Understanding Selling, Understanding Buyers, Steps in the Sales Order, Increasing Sales

2. Developing Sales Relationships
Sales Methods, Presentation & the Selling Personality (personality traits of a salesperson), Communication skills and conversational selling

3. Sales Ethics
The Law and Ethics, Social Problems, Pricing, Deceit, High Pressure Sales, Poor Quality Products, Predetermined Obsolescence, The Impact of Marketing and Selling on Society, Public Responses to Modern Marketing Trends (eg. Consumerism, Environmentalism etc), Enlightened Marketing

4. Building Product Knowledge
Good & Bad Features (e.g. Make/trade name; Model; Purpose or use; How & where it is manufactured; Materials used; Wholesale/retail price; Guarantees; Warranty; Spare parts (availability and location); Service Costs)
Knowing the Competition etc.

5. Developing a Customer Strategy
Types of Buyers, Buyer Motivation, Difficult Buyers, Key Rules for Every Salesperson

6. Presentation Strategy Options
Displays (eg. Locating Your Displays For Best Results), Shop Layout, Trade Displays etc.

7. Closing a Sale
Difficulties with closing a sale & solutions, importance of the personal approach.

8. Managing Yourself
Time management, Territory management, Record Management, Sales Records, Stress Management

9. Managing a Sales Team
Building quality partnerships.


Duration: 100 hours


Tips for Managing Sales

Developing a Sales Concept is often the first step in Sales Management. One way to develop a sales concept is to systematically consider the options. You might consider the following:


How will you determine who to target?

In a shop, which people do you approach and ask if they need help, and which ones do you leave alone? Do you concentrate on a particular demographic group?

How forceful should the sales approach be?

Is soft sell or hard sell likely to achieve the best results, now and over the long term?

Do you follow up after initial contact, and if so, how?

Do you phone a customer back after an initial enquiry? Do you build a mailing list and send regular mail outs?

How much attention should be spent on each potential customer?

Time is money, and there comes a point when it is not profitable to continue pursuing someone.

How do you decide when that point has been reached?

What method will be used to communicate with potential customers?

Will you focus on selling over the phone, in person from a retail premise, by visiting the customer at home, by mail order, over the internet, or other? Without a plan, you might visit one customer at home and spend an hour with them, and not visit the next customer, telling them instead to come to you. These decisions should not rely on whim or mood; they should be determined by set policies.


Who Should Do this Course?

  • Business owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Sales or marketing staff, wanting to sharpen their skills
  • Advertising agents, web developers, public relations staff



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