Six reasons why you need to study time management!

· Increase productivity and efficiency 
· Gain a sense of fulfilment 
· Relieve Stress 
· Improve self-discipline 
· Improve your decision-making ability 
· Improve your credibility 

The course helps you uncover why time management is important. You will conduct a time management audit. You will learn practical tools and strategies designed to help focus on what matters most. 

The course helps uncover why time management is important. You will conduct a time management audit. You will learn practical tools and strategies designed to help focus on what matters most. There are many options available help prioritise time. 

In a professional role, a manager battling time management issues might ask...

should I...

If you need to address time management in the workplace, you will also cover aspects of management – productivity, delegation and how to best use time management tools and planners. 

Some potential personal barriers to good time management include:
Personality traits
Conscious and unconscious barriers
Seeing the big picture
Expectations of others
The consequences of poor time management
Wasting time – procrastination, organisational skills

There are 8 lessons in this course:

Lesson 1: Nature & Scope of Time Management
Outcomes of good time management
Importance of good time management at school or college
IMPORTANCE of good time management at work
Importance of good time management at home
Links to work-life balance
Work-life balance and health
Relaxation and reflection
A few cautionary notes

Lesson 2: Obstacles to Time Management
Personal Barriers
Identifying your time management personality type
Conscious and unconscious barriers to time management
The consequences of poor time management

Lesson 3: Time Management Strategies
Key strategies
Setting goals
Time management at home and at work
General tips for students
Time management techniques
Pomodoro technique
Time Boxing
Sequential scheduling – batches

Lesson 4: Time Management Assessment Tools
Auditing your time
Identifying your own potential timewasters

Lesson 5: Prioritising Time
Introduction to prioritising
HOW TO prioritise
Techniques for prioritising
Kanban Board
Covey’s Time Management Matrix
Workload management skills

Lesson 6: Maintaining Productivity
Measuring productivity
Motivation tools
Maintaining energy levels

Lesson 7: Effective Delegation
What is delegation?
Reasons why some managers fail to delegate
How can delegation help with time management?
Problems associated with failure to delegate
Micromanagement & poor time management
When to delegate
Benefits of delegation
How to delegate
Some delegation Tools

Lesson 8: Other Time Management Tools
Changing mindset
Some habits to try, some habits to avoid
Other time management tools
Staying on track with calendars and planners
Avoid time management becoming an issue in your life. Professionally or personally. 


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