Develop a basic understanding of how to create and manipulate images and artwork compositions using Adobe Photoshop for use on the web, email and print

Is this Course right for me?

While versions and types of software keep changing; most of the principles of photographic manipulation do not change. 

If you have not studied a course like this before; it can be of great benefit; in teaching you those principles. Once you have the broad principles though, you should then have a foundation that can be applied to different versions of Adobe Photoshop, or other types of software that might be used for photo manipulation.

This Photoshop Course can enhance career opportunities for many careers including: Office workers, Photographic Sales Assistants Photographers, IT technicians, web developers, Sales and marketing officers, Event managers, Small business managers, Teachers, etc


Adobe Photoshop Course

Learn to manipulate images in an almost unlimited variety of ways; for example:

Create a Coloured Pencil Affect

This is a nice effect that makes any photograph appear as though it was sketched in coloured pencil.

To apply this filter, open a photograph in Photoshop (remember to make sure that the layer with the photograph is selected). From the main menu, select: Filters/Artistic/Coloured Pencil. You should now see a dialogue box with three sliders: Pencil width, Strike Pressure and paper Brightness. Experiment with the position of these sliders until you have achieved a suitable look.


Photoshop Distance Education Course

  • Written and taught by qualified professionals who have used photoshop in their daily work for years (in publishing and marketing)
  • Provides a foundation for using any version of this software (Photoshop continues to see new versions released, year after year.  Our experts explain that a proper training in photoshop will allow you to adapt to these changes as they occur)
  • Discover the possibilities and applications for photoshop at work, or anywhere




The course is divided into 9 lessons as follows:

1. Learning The Menus - This lesson will familiarize you with all of the main menu options and their basic functions

2. Working with Digital Image Files- This lesson provides an overview of the major digital file types as well as how resize an image and save from one file type to another.

3. Understanding the Tool Palette- This lesson teaches you the various uses of the major Photoshop tools for creating and manipulating artwork, photos and digital compositions.

4. Using Layers, Actions and History - This lesson explores the creative power of the Photoshop Layers palette, which is the foundation of why Photoshop is such a powerful creative tool.

5. Digital Painting, Shapes and Colours- This lesson begins to explain the basic concepts of colour. The lesson continues by walking the student through a "How-to" guide to creating simple original artwork.

6. Selecting, Resizing, Transforming and Masking- This lesson explores the tools available to manipulate and transform various components of an image or composition.

7. Adjustments and modifications - This lesson lists the steps needed to improve the quality of an image by applying adjustments and modifications.

8. Adding Filters and Styles - This lesson will focus on the various styles and effects that can be applied to an image or composition.

9. Preparing Files for Print and Web - This lesson will list the steps to prepare the finished files for use in Print, The Web or Email. 


Duration: 100 hours



During the course, you will learn how to: 

  • Open digital files using Photoshop
  • Resize images and save them in multiple file formats 
  • Create original graphics using the Photoshop tools 
  • Manipulate individual elements of a graphic composition or image 
  • Improve the quality of an image (clean it up) by applying modifications 
  • Apply interesting filters and effects to images or compositions 
  • Prepare your files for the web, print or email 



During the course, the student will actually:  

  • Learn the major menu options and what they mean 
  • Open and save files in different formats and learn what the differences are 
  • Scan photos or download from a digital camera and edit them in using Photoshop  
  • Prepare images for email 
  • Use the major tools to understand how graphics are created 
  • Create multiple layered compositions and explore movement and position 
  • Understand colour 
  • Create original graphics and artwork 
  • Add exciting effects to images 
  • Format files for the web and print

About Photoshop

Photoshop has been a standard software tool for processing digital images, for a long time. As with all software, Photoshop software is constantly being updated, sometimes as often as monthly; but once you learn the concepts and techniques of one version; you then have an excellent foundation for working with any version. The purpose of this course is to teach you the fundamentals of Photoshop, so you can apply your skills and knowledge to any version. This course was originally developed based upon a version over ten years ago. It has periodically been updated; but given the frequency of updates, there may well be things that you encounter which are different to the version you work with. Our staff however, do work with Photoshop routinely; and are able to answer questions and help you whenever you do encounter discrepancies. 


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