Why choose this course?

A broad foundation course for anyone seeking entry into a career with computers. It is also a good course for people looking to complement their existing careers with IT knowledge. No previous IT experience is required to undertake this course.


Career Opportunites

You can work as 1st level IT help desk, IT Technician, IT officer

There are many different electives open to you for your final two modules. By choosing these you are able to build much more specialised skills in one or two aspects of the I.T. industry; and in doing so, differentiate yourself from other graduates.

This potentially puts you in a position of being able to offer clients or employers a mix of skills and knowledge which your competitors may not be able to offer.  We have developed and designed this course carefully in this way; so as to optimise our graduates opportunities to get a start in the IT industry.



You need to complete these four compulsory modules:


Computer Studies II 

  • Introduction to Personal Computers
  • Types of Systems
  • Peripherals
  • Software
  • Using DOS
  • Troubleshooting
  • Industry Applications
  • The Future of Computers
  • Hardware Components
  • Peripherals
  • Operating Systems
  • Files and Folders
  • Office Applications
  • Windows Accessories Programs
  • Disk Management
  • Installation of software
  • Trouble shooting
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Powerpoint


Writing a Web Site (HTML)

  • Introduction to the Internet and HTML
  • The most important HTML Tags
  • Simplification through HTML Construction Software
  • Creating Links
  • Loading a Site onto the Internet
  • Adding Graphics
  • Designing a Web Site that Works
  • Advanced Features



  • Introduction – what is e-commerce (more than the internet)
  • Success and failure – what makes the difference
  • Promotional strategies – are different on the internet
  • Optimizing web site potential
  • Increasing web site exposure
  • Automating supply of goods, services and cash flow
  • Managing constant change
  • Dealing with e-commerce problems


Computer Servicing 1

  • The computer workshop.
  • Computer and workshop safety.
  • Hardware components.
  • Different Systems & Basic Disassembly.
  • Peripherals.
  • System Assembly.
  • Installation of software.
  • Computer Maintenance: An Introduction
  • Troubleshooting: An Introduction


Additionally, you will have to select two ELECTIVE modules from related subjects to complete 600 hours, such as:
Graphics,  SQL, Macromedia Flash, Networking, Information Security, Graphics, Internet Marketing, Javascript, Internet Security.


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