Learn Basic Carpentry Skills 

Learn about woodwork and use your skills to help you:

  • Understand how to do carpentry repairs
  • Build your own house or smaller building
  • Make your own furniture
This distance learning course in woodwork and carpentry techniques will help you to understand which materials to use for each job, how to distinguish different types of wood, ways to cut and join timber, how to cope with shrinkage, what tools to use and how to maintain them, the right nails, screws and bolts for each job, and how to preserve your masterpiece! Lots more included in this course.

Learn Woodwork and Carpentry

This course is a very solid introduction to carpentry techniques. It provides an understanding of most aspects of carpentry that are important for developing practical skills as a handyman, landscaper, property manager, farmer or other such roles.

Find out about different types of timber, carpentry tools, cutting, making joints, and finishing. Undertake several woodwork projects, photograph your work and have it assessed.


There are 10 lessons in this course:

1. Scope and Nature of Carpentry
• Understanding Wood
• Resistance to Rot, Fire
• Defects in Timber
• Turning Trees into Timber
• Ways of Cutting Logs
• Shrinkage Effects
• Seasoning Timber
• Moisture content of Wood
• Stress Grading
• Types of Wood
• Types of Composites
• Buying Timber

2. Carpentry Tools, Equipment, Materials and Safety
• Hand Tools -saws, hammers, chisels drills, planes,screwdrivers, other tools
• Power Tools -nail guns, saws, electric drills, planer, sander, router
• Materials -sandpaper, steel wool, nails, wood screws, glues, wood filler
• Safety
• Tool Maintenance
• Sharpening techniques
• Sharpening tools -planes, chisels, saws
• Cutting and Joining Timber
• Storage -tool boxes
• Hiring tools

3. Cutting and Joining Timber
• Types of joints -edge, butt, angled, mitres, framing, dovetail, mortise and tenon, housing joints, halving joints, etc.
• Nails
• Screws
• Staples, bolts, connectors, straps, corrugated fasteners, glues
• Glue blocks, dowels, biscuits, splines
• Cutting and shaping timber

4. Small Carpentry Projects
• Hanging tools on a wall
• The work bench
• Making a work bench
• Making a simple 2 door cupboard
• Making a coffee table
• Making a bookcase

5. Outside Construction
• Choosing timber
• Pests -termites
• Timber preservatives
• Keeping timber off the ground
• Using timber in the garden
• Recycled timbers
• Outdoor furniture
• Building a wood deck
• Building a wood fence
• Where to build in the garden
• Constructing a wall with railway sleepers

6. Constructing Small Buildings
• Types of foundations
• Framing
• Roofing
• Building a wooden cabin
• Building a wood gazebo
• Building a cubby house

7.Understanding House Construction
• Timber framed buildings
• Timber floors
• Doors and door frames
• Door Construction
• Door frames
• Architraves and skirting
• Windows and frames-sash, sliding sash, casement, pivot, slat
• Roofs -single, double, trussed,etc

8. Handyman Repair Work • Fitting a lock
• Repairing a sash window
• Fitting and hanging doors
• Hanging a cupboard door
• Form work for concrete foundations
• Relaying floorboards
• Resurfacing timber floors
• Repairing a broken ledge and brace gate

9. Finishing Wood
• Creating smooth surfaces -using a plane, sanding, etc.
• Paints, stains and varnishes
• Polyurethane
• Shellac
• French polishing
• Stains
• Paints -defects in painted surfaces, repaitning
• Veneering
• Preparing outdoor surfaces
• Tips for outdoor finishes

10. Planning and Setting Out a Project
• Setting out
• Making a setting out rod
• Introduction to technical or trade drawing
• Drawing instruments
• Types of drawings -plans, sections, elevations, etc
• setting out a technical drawing
• Building regulations
• Measuring up
• Working out quantities
• Preparing and surveying a site for construction

Duration - 100 hours


Ways This Course Could Help You

This course is aimed at anyone, anywhere who is interested in working with wood or would like to improve their skills:

•For those many jobs around the home
•Furniture making
•For the handy-person offering work in this field but without a qualification.

It may also appeal to people who wish to get a taste of carpentry with a view to going on to further training.

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