Learn Aquafitness - as a fitness professional or to step up your own fitness

This course is perfect for anyone interested in water fitness and safety as well as teaching some of the essential elements such as aquafitness equipment and facilities, hydrostatic and hydrodynamic principles and program design and facilitating.

It is relevant to many jobs, including:

  • Fitness instructor, sports coach, life coach
  • Medical or health practitioner
  • Swimming coach, swimming pool manager or leisure centre manager
  • Health scientist
  • Recreation officer or Physical Education Teacher
  • Rehabilitation officer or Occupational therapist

Our school is proud to bring Aquafitness skills into the repertoire of skills of fitness professionals! 

This course is valuable for professional development or transition training. Start or expand your career or business opportunities! 

There are opportunities in the health industry now! 


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If you work in fitness, coaching, or allied health industries such as rehabilitation, this course is an excellent professional development program. It will:

add to your skills

allow you to offer better and broadened services to your existing clientele.

enhance your ability to attract clients by broadening services you offer

make you more attractive to employers in this industry.

This is a unique course developed by people with decades of experience in Aquafitness, led by our principal John Mason -author of the book Aquafitness, published by Kangaroo Press (Simon & Schuster), and a team of fitness and health science professionals at ACS Distance Education.



There are seven lessons in this module, as follows:

1.Introduction - Scope and nature of aquafitness and therapy in water. Discover how this differs from other fitness activities. Learn the different stages of a fitness session and the management of an aquatic center

2. Equipment and Facilities - Learn about the selection, use and management and facilities required for aqua fitness activities. Study pool positioning, design and depth; the equipment required for aqua fitness activities, music and first aid requirements.

3. Types of Exercises - Learn about different aerobic and anaerobic movements that can be used in aqua aerobic programs. Lesson content includes stretching, aerobic and anaerobic principles and exercises in both shallow and deep water.

4. Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic Principles - The aim of this lesson is to develop an understanding of the principles underlying the design of an appropriate aqua fitness program. Includes definitions of pressure, weight and body alignment in water, warming up, recovery and cool down.

5. Safety and Health - This lesson gives an understanding of the aqua fitness training requirements of special needs groups. Includes pregnancy, safety and health requirements, pre-exercise screening checklists, liability and legislation.

6. Program Design - Design and delivery of aqua based programs for different purposes, to improve and maintain aerobic fitness. Includes program aims, warm up, the exercise body, recovery and cool down examples, as well as intensity levels.

7. Leading a Program - Study the skills to provide better leadership qualities during an aquafitness session. Learn about aquafitness leadership concepts, teaching, communication, body language and student numbers.


Duration: 100 hours



You will gain:

  • an understanding of how aquafitness activities differ from other fitness activities.
  • skills and knowledge which will aid in the selection, use and management of equipment and facilities required for aquafitness activities.
  • an understanding of a wide range of different aerobic and anaerobic movements that can be used in aquafitness programs.
  • an understanding of the principles underlying the design of an appropriate aquafitness program.
  • an understanding of the aquafitness training requirements of special needs groups.
  • skills in the design and delivery of appropriate aqua based programs to improve/maintain aerobic fitness.
  • an understanding of skills that will enable better leadership of an aqua fitness session.



  1. Go to an aquafitness location/provider and enquire from the managers or staff on how they select equipment. Do they select according to need, trend, function or price? Why do they select the equipment they have? What is the range of equipment they have available?
  2. Investigate equipment that can be used by aquafitness instructors. Where can they be purchased from? How much are they? What use have they? Try to obtain brochures.
  3. Perform a range of aqua-exercises (eg. warm up, aerobic exercises and resistance) and a number of stretches covering all major body parts. Record your performance and submit the video to the school.
  4. Observe an aquafitness session. Ideally you should obtain permission to visit a health club or gymnasium and observe a class. If held in a public pool, you might be able to make these observations without obtaining formal permission.


Expand your skills - the industry needs aqua fitness instructors now!

The course is perfect for:

  • for fitness instructors
  • swim centre staff
  • those working in prenatal health care
  • rehabilitation professionals
  • sports coaches
  • those working in aged care
  • wellbeing addicts!


Learn the facts about water based exercise and the potential for increased vitality and improvements in general health.


Recommended Book

Aquafitness ebook by John Mason and other titles can be found at:


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