Beat others with competitive advantage.

Learn how to

· develop an existing business through specific strategies.

· stand out from other trainers.

· do a personal audit and assess how you can improve.

· grow a business through excellent service and results.

· welcome satisfied customers who generate new business.


Your clients will:

· Improve overall fitness.

· Enhance self-esteem.

· Target muscle groups for tone and strength.

· Improve health and wellness.

· Increase strength and endurance.

· Work on athletic programs or body transformation.


You don't need to be already working as a personal trainer to enrol however this course assumes you will already understand elements of human exercise and fitness, and the human body response to exercise.

If you are already working as a fitness instructor or a personal trainer this course is ideal for your:

Professional development

Skills development

New business development


The learning objectives are:

  • Explain the role of the personal trainer.
  • Explain the qualities required by a personal trainer.
  • Recommend broad areas of focus that a client should attend to in order to improve their training outcomes.
  • Investigate ways to expand a personal training service.
  • Explain how to introduce yourself as a personal trainer and start working with new clients.
  • Develop fitness plans and programs according to the needs of clients.
  • Explain how to manage client departures and terminate difficult clients.


There are seven lessons in this tutor supported course. 

Lesson 1: Role of a personal trainer

Personal training professionals

Purpose of personal training

Medical approval for exercise

Barriers to exercise

Major benefits of personal training

Daily work and responsibilities of personal trainers


Lesson 2: Qualities of a personal trainer

Desirable character traits of the personal trainer

Core services on offer

A personal trainer and their role in motivation

Level of concern or tension (good stress)


Knowledge of results

Education or training the professionals


Lesson 3: What you need to know - expertise for success

Basic components of physical fitness

The human body

Energy production

Energy and exercise

Considerations for effective business


Lesson 4: Expanding a personal training service

Common types of personal trainers

Business basics

Expanding your services into other areas

Specialised services


Lesson 5: Working with new clients

Working with new clients – meet and greet


Anthropometric measurements

Summarise what you know about the client


Lesson 6: Working with clients to create fitness plans and programs

Taking baseline measures & assessing progress

The role of exercise in weight control

Calculating ideal body weight

Human movement & types of fitness programs

Working with older adults

Instructing young people


Other exercise considerations


Lesson 7: Managing client departures

Ending the trainer-client relationship

Difficult clients

Ending the relationship

Finding new clients



The school offers a range of courses which you can combine into a neat Certificate in Personal Training (a specialism can be decided) or similar. Start with Personal Trainer Professional Practice and add 5 more modules from this list:

Food Coaching,

Sports Nutrition,

Sports Psychology,

Nutrition for Weight Loss,

Wellness Coaching,

Internet Marketing,

Business Storytelling,

Managing Innovation.


Brand yourself and grow your fitness business! Are you ready to take your career to a new level? Start Today!


Important Additional Information

This is NOT a course in exercise and fitness. This course is professional development for people in the fitness and exercise and sports industry who want to develop themselves as a PT. It is not PT training specifically. It asks you to question if you have what it takes to be a PT. Can you build relationships you’re your clients? Students learn about customer satisfaction and marketing in the context of personal training. The course is designed for people to develop themselves to be unique and stand out from swathes of other PTs.


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