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Coaches work with people to facilitate the performance of an individual or a team

Coaches develop training programs with athletes. They have to be able to help athletes develop new skills and to monitor and evaluate their progress. They also make projections about performance and set goals. To get athletes on board, a coach has to nurture a positive learning environment. This means finding effective ways to help athletes absorb information as well as creating activities which generate improvements in results. A range of techniques can be used to achieve this.

In this course, you'll learn about the different aspects of coaching, how to encourage and motivate clients, develop training programs, and more.  



This course is divided into eleven lessons as shown below:

  1. Introduction to Sports Coaching
  2. Professional Standards and Communication in Sports Coaching
  3. The Coach-Athlete Relationship
  4. Training Roles of the Coach and Athlete
  5. Motivation
  6. Coaching Individuals
  7. Coaching Teams
  8. The Athletic Identity
  9. Children and Parents in Sports
  10. Amateur Vs Elite Vs Professional Sports Coaching
  11. Maintaining Your Motivation as a Coach


Duration: 100 hours



This course will provide you with the fundamentals of what it takes to be a Sports Coach. In addition to the course notes, you will be provided with the opportunity to engage in tasks that will encourage you to enhance your learning. We like to think of this as “experiential learning” which may take the form of practical tasks, networking or conducting further research to develop and apply the knowledge you have gained from the course material. 


Who Can Sports Coaches Work With?

Sports coaches encourage participation in sports and also to help improve the performance of individual athletes and teams. They may work with children and people with disabilities, as well as professional and amateur athletes. Some coaches work part-time or as volunteers, some are self-employed, whereas others are full time employees of sports clubs. Coaches not only have relationships with the athletes themselves, but often other family members, administrators of sports teams or clubs, other related professionals like sports psychologists, nutritionists and doctors, and in some cases fans and fan clubs.


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