Health and Wellbeing - Affordable Learning

  • comprehensive introductory course to health and wellbeing
  • learn about nature and scope of human health and wellbeing industry
  • learn about nutrition, lifestyle, preventative health, and alternative medicine.
  • start your career in health and wellbeing.
  • work towards a future career, train as a nutritionist; offer health advice to children and adults in an educational or community based setting
  • advance your career into a professional capacity in health, fitness and wellness.

Health and Fitness are simply some of many the different words used to describe people being in good condition. There are many different services and products on offer which promise to improve or maintain a state of wellbeing, and any (or all) of these goods and services might be considered to be part of the health and fitness industry. These can include things as variable as medical services through to sport, recreation and food.



Your perception of the scope of this field should have broadened considerably by the time you complete this course and in doing so your prospects for employment should have also broadened.


  • learn how lifestyle affects health
  • study stress management
  • learn about human nutrition
  • study preventative health
  • know more about alternative health
  • a first step toward a career in this field
  • boost personal health and wellbeing



There are eight lessons in this course, as follows:

  1. Industry Overview
  2. Modern Lifestyle Problems
  3. Human Nutrition
  4. Healthy Eating
  5. Stress Management
  6. Preventative Health
  7. Alternative Medicine
  8. Basic First Aid


Duration: 100 hours



This course aims to develop an understanding of health and wellbeing that can be applied to design a personal fitness program. Below is a list of some activities and tasks that you will complete in this course:

  • Create a resource file of health and fitness related businesses, contacts, services etc.
  • Interview people to learn how they rate their health and fitness and what they do to improve/maintain them.
  • Identify ways to overcome a health/fitness problem in your own life.
  • Identify different food allergies and ways to deal with them.
  • Identify eating and nutritional disorders and describe possible treatments.
  • Explain how age, level of activity, gender and other factors affect their dietary needs.
  • Explain the principle of food combining.
  • List the effects of alcohol abuse.
  • Explain how high self esteem is achieved, and consider positive and negative effects.
  • Identify services in your area that offer natural therapies and what they entail.
  • Find out what first aid courses are available in your region, and what is entailed.
  • List items that should be kept in a basic first aid kit.

Some Risks of Smoking

  • Smoking raises blood pressure, which can cause hypertension - a risk factor for heart attacks and stroke.
  • Couples who smoke are more likely to have fertility problems than couples who are non-smokers.
  • Smoking worsens asthma and counteracts asthma medication by worsening the inflammation of the airways that the medicine tries to ease.
  • The blood vessels in the eye are sensitive and can be easily damaged by smoke, causing a bloodshot appearance and itchiness.
  • Heavy smokers are twice as likely to get macular degeneration, resulting in the gradual loss of eyesight.
  • Smokers run an increased risk of cataracts.
  • Smokers take 25% more ‘sick days’ per year than non-smokers.
  • Smoking stains your teeth and gums.
  • Smoking increases your risk of periodontal disease, which causes swollen gums, bad breath and teeth to fall out.
  • Smoking causes an acid taste in the mouth and contributes to the development of ulcers.
  • Smoking also affects your looks: smokers have paler skin and more wrinkles. This is because smoking reduces the blood supply to the skin and lowers levels of vitamin A.

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