Boost Kids Health with a Better Diet

  • Learn all aspects of childhood nutrition
  • Learn how to make food and eating positive
  • Learn how to boost kids health 
  • Work confidently with children in the child care industry
  • Understand children's nutritional needs
  • Get ideas for feeding school age children
  • Learn about nutrition during pregnancy


Study Children's Nutrition

  • Children may be resilient and possible able to cope with junk food, but what a person eats when they are young can have a great impact upon their health in later life.
  • Nutrient toxicities can start building when young; even if they don't reach critical levels until they are older.
  • Eating habits develop (good & bad) when young' and if they are bad habits they can be difficult to change in later life.

A young body has different nutritional needs to a fully grown one, and it is only with a proper diet, that a child can develop their full potential both physically and psychologically.


ACS student comment:

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I had not studied for the past 10 years and was a little apprehensive. The staff were very supportive, their feedback was always valuable and response time was extremely prompt. This course has given me a new desire to keep learning. I never knew learning could be so enjoyable. I am looking forward to my next learning experience through ACS. Rhonda Rae, Australia - Children's Nutrition course.



    There are 10 lessons in this module as follows:

    1. Introduction to Child Nutrition

    2. Nutrition for Pre-Pregnancy

    3. Nutrition in Pregnancy

    4. Nutrition in Infants

    5. Nutrition in Childhood

    6. Nutritional Concerns

    7. Healthy Eating Behaviours

    8. Issues in Child Nutrition

    9. Childhood Obesity

    10. Diet Plans

    Duration: 100 hours



    • improve kids diet
    • boost health
    • make food fun
    • learn how to prepare food for large groups of children
    • work with children confidently
    • give kids food for growth and active play  
    • understand the importance of diet in young children
    • understand diet and nutrition during pregnancy



    Interview parents regarding the diets (what the children eat for breakfast , lunch and dinner as well as snacks) of their children , they can be family or friends. Make a day's menu for each one of them according to the information they give you

    Interview pregnant women (family or friends) and question about their daily diet. Note what they have said and write how you would improve their diets.

    Research for information to make a tasty and healthy weaning mix for a six month old baby. Make your own weaning mix with the information you have gathered.

    Prepare a diet plan for an 11 year old for three days.

    Compare the nutrition panel for different staple foods bought from the supermarkets (for example breakfast cereals, stir fry sauces or pasta sauces, fruit bars). Compare the added sugars to natural sugars

    Do a survey and find out What Australian children and adolescents are actually eating. Write a report on your survey. (You can conduct your survey by talking to children, adolescents and their parents, by reading articles in magazines and newspapers or by searching the internet)


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