Help people improve their relationship with food, feel better, and live longer

In this course, you'll examine healthy weights, healthy diets, what constitutes healthful nutrition, and strategies for working with clients struggling to make change.

Food coaching is an emerging profession

It combines coaching skills with knowledge of nutrition to help clients choose better ways of eating and diets which are healthier for them. Food coaches help people:

  • examine their lifestyle
  • define clear, reasonable goals
  • develop realistic strategies to achieve their goals

Food coaches work with clients beyond nutrition science -- they help with day-to-day motivation, lifestyle changes, and environmental factors. In this course, you'll learn about the practical side of marketing and managing a food coaching business, alongside important health strategies, skills for working with people, and how to help your clients commit to a healthier lifestyle.



This course is broken up into ten lessons as follows:

  1. Introduction and the Healthy Diet
  2. Professional Standards for Food Coaching
  3. Specialist Diets -Chronic Conditions
  4. Specialist Diets - Overeating
  5. Specialist Diets -Poor Nutritional Diets
  6. Food Coaching with Children
  7. Food Coaching with Adults and Seniors
  8. Lifestyle Changes
  9. Moving on
  10. Managing your Food Coaching Service


Course Duration: 100 hours



  • Explain the scope and nature of food coaching and what is meant by a healthy diet.
  • Explain why food coaches should abide by a professional code, and what the legal and ethical standards are.
  • Understand different types of special diet for chronic conditions and their benefits to clients, as well as a range of other special diets and their impact on health.
  • Discuss what is meant by overeating, its health implications, and how to develop plans to control or reduce weight.
  • Describe what diets are considered unhealthy for a range of different body types.
  • Understand general nutrition requirements of adults and seniors, and to discuss possible coaching strategies for working with adults, seniors and carers
  • Understand general nutrition requirements of children, and to discuss possible coaching strategies for working with children and their parents or other caregivers
  • Explain the importance of changes in lifestyle to improve the benefit of food coaching.
  • Explain how the client will move on after food coaching has ended.
  • Explain how to organise, market and manage a food coaching service



Food Coaching combines coaching skills with knowledge of nutrition to help clients choose better ways of eating and diets which are healthier for them.  Coaching is concerned with helping clients to define their goals, and then work out ways to achieve them.  Coaches encourage clients to look at their lifestyle and how it might influence their diets and goals.
Why is Food Coaching Necessary?

Food coaching fills a void. Whilst there are practitioners in nutrition and diet, most don't offer coaching. Also, many of the government funded health initiatives are based on educating the public about diet and food choices. However, these often don't have great success rates because people lack the personal motivation and direction to commit to changes even when they are well educated.  

There are many people who lack both motivation and knowledge, or who struggle with fad diets or other poor eating choices, who can benefit from having someone work with them to help them make worthwhile changes. Many of these people just don't realise how their diet is affecting their well-being, whether it's feeling sluggish or bloated or contributing to other health issues.  

Food coaching is needed to help motivate clients to make better choices. People often don't succeed with dieting or making healthier changes to their diets because they stop trying. Perhaps because they don't fully understand the benefits of what they are doing, or maybe they receive little encouragement. As a food coach, you are there to keep them on track, and offer support and feedback.


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