Open Learning - Life Coaching Certificate Course

  • For people who have some knowledge, but need to broaden the scope and depth of their skills to provide holistic support to clients
  • Help people develop a better state of wellbeing and balance
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Boost your career options
  • Get a new rewarding and challenging career which you love

The task of the life coach is not to analyse the client, but to work with the client to understand his or her perceptions, the underlying beliefs and attitudes that may be creating barriers to personal wellbeing and contentment. In this work, the life coach needs to harness the cooperation of the client, who may initially resist all suggestions of faulty or limiting perceptions. Some reasons that we resist changing our perceptions are: laziness (because it takes effort), confusion or uncertainty, fear of conflict with those who share our old perceptions, fear of change itself, and desire for certainty and psychological comfort.

You may or may not be a graduate of another course at certificate, diploma or degree level; or this may be your first formal qualification.

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Affordable Life Coaching Course

  • Work in life coaching and supporting others
  • Develop understanding of others
  • Learn how to communicate with others in a coaching role  

Life coaches help people develop a holistic balance in their life.

To do this, they need to understand all aspects of well being from health and fitness to stress management. Some clients may need help to improve their health management, and others may need more help with their work life or financial management.
The best life coaches are able to bring broad, real life experience to the job.


To complete this qualification you must take and pass the following modules:

Module 1 Life coaching

Life coaching is a rewarding and fulfilling career. This module will teach you how to help others. Support them to lose weight, be promoted, find a new career, resolve difficult problems. It will enable people in health, fitness, counselling, social work and other professions to help others set and achieve life goals. Develop your skills in setting and achieving goals, not only for yourself but for those who seek your assistance. Some students who have prior experience or training in a related field such as health, fitness, counselling, social work, psychology or naturopathy.

Module 2 Career Counselling

This module will develop your understanding of factors affecting career choices and planning, and your ability to help others plan and achieve career goals. The course is aimed at students who have prior experience or training in a related field such as counselling or social work, but will benefit anyone in their own career planning and development.

Module 3 Stress Management

This course considers a wide range of things that can cause stress, and ways stress can be dealt with. With proper self awareness and management techniques stress levels can be lowered, perceptions altered and responses improved. In this course we deal with physical problems related to stress, how to achieve easy living, dealing with drugs, developing self esteem, relaxation, diet and much more

Module 4 Human Nutrition 1

This module provides an understanding of the sources, actions, and interactions of nutrients from the food that we consume. Looking at the balance of the nutrients in foods and what makes up a balanced diet. Excellent for anyone interested in nutrition and health for themselves or to help or counsel others.

Module 5 Psychology and Counselling

This module is a useful foundation course if you are planning to work towards a career in psychology and/or counselling. It will develop your ability to analyse psychological conditions, and apply that knowledge in counselling, or advisory situations.

Module 6 Either Health and Fitness 1 (for anyone without prior health and fitness studies): or

Professional Practice in Counselling click for more details on modules

For detailed outlines click on each module above

Association for Coaching (UK) - ACS is now an organisational member (OMAC) of the UK Association for Counselling. For more information visit www.associationforcoaching.com


Duration: 600 hours

Like the coach of elite athletes, the life coach is results oriented, and his or her main tasks are to help clients recognise, overcome or remove barriers to personal growth and development, and develop strategies for achieving goals that will enable the individual to develop his or her full potential. A life coach will be required to accurately assess the client's aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses, needs and goals in order to arrive at a program that is specifically tailored to that individual. A life coach may also have to manage clients' reluctance, lack of motivation, inaccurate perceptions and other psychological barriers to effective self-management. Life coaching is primarily about helping clients develop the skills and attitudes that will enable them to manage themselves and their own lives.

People may contact a life coach for very different reasons: to help them make better financial or career decisions; to get them motivated; to help them overcome feelings of frustration, helplessness, or lack of confidence; to help them manage personal relationships; to help them develop practical life skills. However, the reasons for contacting a life coach may not be the primary issues that are causing the client distress or dissatisfaction, and much of the life coach's work will be to lead the client on a journey of self-discovery.

Like all inner journeys, life coaching must begin with the client's present situation and the many internal and external influences upon it. Life coaching begins with working with the client to understand where the person is at, psychologically, physically, financially and interpersonally. Only after obtaining a more accurate, clear picture of the client's Present can both client and life coach identify elements in the client's Past that may be hindering growth in any particular area, and plan strategies for the client's Future that will encourage and nurture progress.


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