Understand more about human behaviour in depth

 This is a 2 year full time course (or p/t) that will give you insights and a foundation to work more effectively with humans in any situation. 

Learn about how people think an act in their at home, work, and beyond

This is a foundation course that can be a big help in forging career success in industries as diverse as health services, sales and marketing or personnel management through to business or education.

The fact is that most jobs require you to work with others: your employer, colleagues and customers or clients. 

Some jobs may require an education in behavioural studies. Even jobs that don't though, will often place high value on the person who has a greater understanding of human behaviour.



Core Modules

These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Learning Bundle 2,100 hours in Behavioural Studies.

  • Biopsychology I BPS108
  • Introduction To Psychology BPS101
  • Leadership BBS110
  • Marketing Psychology BPS107
  • Motivation VBS111
  • Stress Management VPS100
  • Developmental Psychology BPS210
  • Ethics BPS217
  • Social Psychology I BPS205
  • Abnormal Psychology BPS307
  • Life Coaching BPS305
  • Psychopharmacology (Drugs & Psychology) BPS302

Stream Modules

 Studied after the core modules, stream modules cover more specific or niche subjects.

  • Research Project I BGN102
  • Workshop I BGN103

Elective Modules

In addition to the core modules, students study any 7 of the following 28 modules.

  •  Industry Project BIP000
  • Anger Management BPS111
  • Biochemistry I (Animal and Human) BSC103
  • Child Psychology BPS104
  • Industrial Psychology BPS103
  • Personal Energy Management VRE105
  • Personnel Management VBS107
  • Sports Psychology BPS106
  • Supervision VBS104
  • Adolescent Psychology BPS211
  • Animal Behaviour BAG203
  • Bioenergetics (Human Biology IB) BSC201
  • Biopsychology II BPS204
  • Cat Psychology and Training BAG222
  • Conflict Management BPS201
  • Developmental, Learning and Behavioural Disorders in Children and Adolescents BPS215
  • Dog Psychology and Training BAG221
  • Family Counselling BPS213
  • Genetics BSC207
  • Managing Mental Health in Adults BPS216
  • Professional Practice in Counselling BPS207
  • Relationships & Communication Counselling BPS208
  • Research Project II BGN201
  • Research Project III BGN202
  • Criminal Psychology BPS309
  • Human Nutrition III BRE302
  • Neuropsychology BPS306
  • Professional Supervision BPS301

Note that each module in the Learning Bundle 2,100 hours in Behavioural Studies is a short-course in its own right, and may be studied separately.


Duration: 2,100 hours

The Benefits of Studying This Course

This Proficiency Award 3 has broad appeal to people who are interested in the behaviour of living organisms generally, both people and animals. It encompasses elements of biology, psychology, genetics and counselling. Given its breadth of scope, it could serve as a standalone general purpose qualification - parts of which may be applicable to different types of jobs, or it could act as a stepping stone into higher level studies and further research. 

This course may be of value to people in a wide range of fields including:

  • Health sciences
  • Caring roles
  • Personnel management
  • Psychology
  • Counselling
  • Coaching
  • Psychotherapy



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