Qualification - Associate Diploma in Agricultural Crop Production

Become an Agronomist or Professional Agriculturist

  • A course relevant to all types of crop production - grain crops, fibre and oil crops, fodder, horticultural crops and others.
  • Learn to produce crops for a variety of applications including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
  • Student support from highly knowledgeable and experienced tutors.



The Associate Diploma in Agricultural Crop Production comprises of 15 modules (11 core modules plus 4 electives), as listed below.


  • Farm Management BAG104
  • Soil Management (Crops) BHT303
  • Biochemistry I (Plants) BSC102
  • Irrigation (Agricultural) BAG213
  • Agronomy BAG306
  • Weed Control BHT209
  • Seed Propagation BHT237
  • Irrigation Management (Agricultural) BAG303
  • Agricultural Marketing BAG304
  • Research Project I (BGN102) or Workshop I (BGN103)
  • Industry (Workplace) Project (please see the details below the electives list)


Students select FOUR of the following modules:

  • Commercial Vegetable Production BHT222
  • Pasture Management BAG212
  • Herb Culture BHT114
  • Berry Production BHT309
  • Cut Flower Production BHT221
  • Cut Flower Bulbs BHT317
  • Nut Production BHT219
  • Industry (Workplace) Project


Duration: 1,500 hours

There are 4 options available to you to satisfy this requirement.  The options will be different dependent upon whether or not you currently work within the industry. The project can be work experience, voluntary experience, a project you carry out, other training you have already undertaken and there are other options. Don’t worry if you are not sure how to proceed at this stage, as your tutor will be there to discuss how to proceed and help you every step of the way.

Course Code -VAG038



Whether you are farming on a small or large scale, the best crop to grow does change from time to time.

In today's world, every consumer is always looking for "the next big thing" whether fashion, technology, food or something else. Demand will wax and wane for long established crops and opportunities will be revealed  for crops that were unknown previously. With global warming the types of crops which can be successfully grown in the UK is changing. Already crop growers are experimenting with commercial production of pecans, almonds, olives, nectarines, peaches, apricots, kiwi fruits, wine grapes and guavas.

This course is relevant to all types of crops from mainstream broad acre grain and fibre production, to niche crops such as obscure herbs and fruits. Our staff have studied and grown both, and can show you the common concepts as well as the details that separate production of different types of crops.

Learn to produce grains and vegetables, nuts and oils for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and discover opportunities you might not have considered. Lay the foundation for an exciting future today.




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