Expertise is the key to growing orchids for the cut flower trade

Opportunities abound on both the domestic and the international markets for those with a sound background knowledge of how to best grow these beautiful plants. 

Orchids occur naturally from very cold temperate climates through to tropical locations; and provided you choose appropriate species and treat them according to location, it is feasible to grow orchids as cut flowers almost anywhere. Orchids are one of the most commercially viable cut flower crops (partially due to their beauty, and also due to their long shelf life). Learn how to produce orchid flowers for the cut flower trade.

Work on an Orchid Farm

Orchids are one of the most commercially viable cut flower crops - due to their beauty and also their long shelf life.
  • Start a farm; improve a business or get a job
  • Develop your horticultural skills and career prospects

Course Structure and Contents

This course contains 10 lessons:

1. Introduction - Plant classification, naming of plants, parts of the flower.
2. Culture - Basket, epiphytes, media.
3. Propagation A - Methods, materials, equipment.
4. Propagation B (Tissue Culture) - Techniques, application, culture nutrients.
5. Greenhouse Management A - Environmental controls, beds & benches, carbon dioxide.
6. Greenhouse Management B - Temperature, irrigation, cooling, ventilation, etc.
7. Pest and Disease Control & Identification
8. Management, Harvest and Post-Harvest - Harvesting, post harvest, standards, layout, production costs.
9. Marketing - Marketing the product, valuable orchids, international markets.
10. Detailed study of one species or group of orchids.


Duration: 100 hours



  • Explain the plant naming system, identify flower parts and compile resources
  • Describe cultural techniques applicable to orchid growing.
  • Describe propagation techniques used for orchids.
  • Explain tissue culture propagation techniques.
  • Describe protected plant production facilities suited to orchids.
  • Explain the day to day management of a greenhouse.
  • Manage Pests and diseases on an orchid flower crop
  • Explain management of an orchid enterprise and the harvest and post harvest of an orchid crop.
  • Explain marketing techniques used for cut flower orchids.
  • Describe a major orchid group


Orchids are a Diverse Group

Orchids can be grown as a cut flower virtually anywhere, with the right equipment; if you use the right variety. It was once thought that all orchids came from the tropics and needed heat, humidity and shade. This is not true. Orchids come from all parts of the world and even in the tropics orchids are most often found growing in tree tops where there is constant movement of air and quite a bit or sunshine.

In their natural environment orchids have to cope with poor light, inadequate nutrients and dry conditions or torrential rains. It is because they are able to cope with such stresses that enable us to grow them in a variety of situations. Many orchids are grown in small greenhouses, the important factors being light, temperature, humidity, ventilation, feeding and watering.




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