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 Some parks are highly manicured; but others are wild places; or designed to replicate wild places. These areas may include wilderness reserves, wildlife parks, road reserves, conservation areas and the like. Managing an area like this can be challenging in a very different way. The grounds staff of a nature park may be less involved in mowing lawns and trimming plants; but that doesn't mean they have any less challenge than a gardener in a city park. 

This course provides an opportunity to learn skills that are particularly relevant to the care and maintenance of natural areas.

A 600 hour certificate for people working or intending to work in nature parks such as zoos, wildlife parks, national parks, forests and reserves. Six modules must be completed including Nature Park Management I and II.

Course Structure and Contents

The Certificate in Horticulture (nature park management) is a vocationally oriented and IARC accredited course comprising both studies in both general horticulture and in nature park management.
Certificate in Horticulture involves the areas of work:

CORE STUDIES - Nature Park Management I and II

STREAM STUDIES - a further four (4) modules (see below)

Content of Nature Park Management I

  1. Basic Ecology - the environment, plants and animals; ecosystem concepts.
  2. Soil Management in Nature Parks - soil characteristics and problems; earthworks.
  3. Plant Maintenance - basic gardening techniques; natural gardening; plant selection; succession planting; equipment.
  4. Design of Nature/Wilderness Parks I - collecting site information; preparing concept plans.
  5. Design of Nature/Wilderness Parks II - drawing the final plan; construction estimates; designing animal enclosures.
  6. Weed Management - characteristics of weeds; weed control; environmental weeds.
  7. Pest and Disease Management - management strategies; chemical safety.
  8. Culture of Indigenous Plants - techniques for establishing vegetation; planting design.
  9. Tree Management - role of trees in nature parks; tree maintenance plans; pruning and tree surgery.
  10. Turf Care - turf varieties in nature parks; lawn preparation, establishment and maintenance.

Rehabilitation: Problems and Solutions - aims and strategies; soil problems and solutions in degraded sites.

Content of Nature Park Management II

  1. Natural Environments - preserving natural environments; plant associations and environment rehabilitation
  2. Recreation and the Environment - impact of recreation on natural environments
  3. Wildlife Management in Nature Parks- impact of park visitors on wildlife; managing wildlife
  4. Visitor Amenities in Nature Parks - design; provision of visitor amenities including picnic areas and campgrounds; management of facilities
  5. Park Interpretation - interpretative facilities including signs and education programs
  6. Trail Design and Construction - designing access routes in parks; designing and constructing walking tracks
  7. Water Areas - conserving and managing natural water bodies in nature park; impact of humans on water areas
  8. Marketing Nature Parks - strategies used to promote nature parks
  9. Risk Management I - identifying, minimising and managing natural hazards; safety issues
  10. Risk Management II - preparing a risk management plan



Choose any additional FOUR (4) x modules from the following courses:

  • Ecotour Management
  • Ecotour Tour Guide Course
  • Introduction to Ecology
  • Weed Control
  • Wildlife Management
  • Conservation and Environmental Management
  • Ornithology
  • Practical Horticulture I
  • Marine Studies I
  • Vertebrate Zoology
  • Animal Health Care
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Workplace Health & Safety

Course Duration: 600 hours

Home Studies in Environmental Science, with Australian Correspondence Schools, Environmental Management Department and lay a foundation to work in the sustainability and environmental industries.

Accredited through International Accreditation & Recognition Council





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