Growing and Maintaining Healthy Indoor Plants

  • Explore different indoor plants
  • How can they survive in different environment
  • What purpose served by indoor plants ( emotional. aesthetic, architectural etc)

Different situations may warrant different quantities of – and qualities in -- indoor plants.

Learn the  Why, Where, What and How of Indoor Plants


This short course covers seven lessons:

Lesson 1 Introduction to Indoor Plants
Psychological and physical benefits of plants
Where indoor plants are used
Considerations when introducing indoor plants
Groups of indoor plants

Lesson 2 Ways to Grow plants inside
Containers and growing systems for indoor plants
Planters, pots or tubs
Problems with containers
Hanging baskets, hanging pots, wall baskets and planter boxes
Atriums and terrariums
Green walls
Tower gardens
Systems used for indoor plant installations
Water and watering
Watering systems
Potting media

Lesson 3 Planning and installation
Formulating a design approach
Placing container plants
How to use colour with indoor plants
Principles of design
Design elements
Evaluating a building
Choosing the system
Environmental controls/improvements
Choosing the plants and conditioning them
Conditioning plants for indoors
Providing drainage
Installation techniques
Installing baskets and hanging pots
Installing window boxes
Placing container plants
How to use colour with indoor plants
Mixing colours

Lesson 4 Maintenance of indoor plants
General care
Maintenance of hanging baskets
Maintaining a terrarium
General maintenance tasks for vertical gardens
Water movement from soils to roots
Understanding soil and potting mix

Lesson 5 Pest and disease
Identifying problems
Maintaining plant health
Symptoms and diagnosis

Lesson 6 Hardy indoor plants
Plants species that grow in low - moderate light
Plants species that grow in air conditioning
Plants species that grow in temperature extremes
Growing culinary herbs indoors in winter

Lesson 7 Air quality management and indoor plants
What is in the air?
Plant species that grow in poor air and pollution



People work with indoor plants in various ways, including:

  • Plantscaping companies
  • Specialist nurseries
  • Contractors who visit (mostly commercial) buildings routinely, inspecting, carrying out maintenance, and if needed, replacing sick plants
  • Environmental companies
  • Interior Designers
  • Plant enthusiast